No. I didn’t design this logo. But a huge part of my role at National Geographic is to help bring clarity and logic to the organization’s brand architecture and to approve any logos that are developed. So I include it here just to highlight that I worked on the branding and logo systems of this very complex organization of multiple media properties, non-profit initiatives, education programs, trip offerings, licensed products, and a Kids sub-brand. When I started at Nat Geo, there was no centralized brand group, so we had to not only do the branding legwork, but also change the mindset at the organization, to start thinking and operating like one holistic brand.


Pristine Seas is one of National Geographic’s signature initiatives whose goal is to create marine-protected areas around the world. We wanted an icon that wasn’t a wave, or a trident, or a circle, or any other cliché ocean shape.


Cause an Uproar was a marketing campaign to raise awareness about National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative.


While at Food Network, we refreshed the logo that it had since it launched to be a more compact and balanced logo without deviating too far from the original.


This was for a grilling competition show on FoodNetwork hosted by Al Roker.


This logo is for a seasonal marketing stunt on Food Network.


I created this logo for Democracy Now!, an independent news media outlet. I also developed their website at the time and a complete on-air package for them.


This logo is for a trade organization in Hollywood that wanted a logo that would look like it had been around since the heyday of movie-making.


This logo is for a water bottle and needed some custom tweaks to the lettering to give it energy and personality.


This logo is for a bespoke woodworking company that uses traditional methods and hand craftsmanship to create works of art. The logo utilizes the shape of dovetail joints to form the letters.


This logo is for a winery in Shenandoah Valley, VA that makes use of negative space and the letter M to make a unique mark for their bottles.