It was a huge opportunity for National Geographic when the members of the Outdoor Advertisers Association of America (OAAA) donated more than $45M worth of prime billboards, bus shelters, and digital signage across the country. We launched the campaign on Endangered Species Day in Times Square with an hour-long takeover of key video screens, multiple bus shelters and phone kiosks, and an on-the-ground activation area to raise awareness of the PhotoArk initiative to save endangered species. The campaign continued throughout the summer on over 72,000 billboards and signs across the country.



The campaign’s goal was to raise awareness of the endangered animals featured in the campaign and what PhotoArk and National Geographic are doing to save them. We came up with the tagline of “See what we can #SaveTogether” and encouraged people to take selfies with the animals and spread the word. The campaign was a huge success by all metrics: over 10K mentions of the hashtag, 18K pageviews in ONE day (compared to the average 2K per week,) 120K pageviews May-Sept 4 (compared to 46K in prior year,) and we raised more than $60K from May-Sept 4.

Another fun component of the campaign was partnering with X Ambassadors to use their song “Hoping” in a music video that aired on social media to further spread awareness.